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​Puppy Grooming

For pet owners, there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of their pet. Pets are usually considered members of the family! It is important to have a pet groomer take care of your beloved puppies!

Most of our puppies are wild and can't seem to sit still for even one minute. Sometimes, your pet just needs a tender and loving dog groomer to take their time and make it fun for your puppy. If this sounds like something your pet needs, you’ll want to contact our pet boutique right away! At Diva Dog, we provide quality pet grooming. We provide de-shedding and shampooing to remove foul odors and make your pet more comfortable.

We are well trained and have grown to become the best in the business when it comes to puppy grooming services. Our pet grooming salon will take care of the rest when you contact Diva Dog in Ridgeland, MS.